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Mediterranean Nutritionist Food and Meal Plans

The Mediterranean Diet has been hailed as the best food and meal plan for a variety of health benefits for conditions ranging from cancer and diabetes to cholesterol reduction and high BP. But there are vastly diverging varieties of this dietary pattern among the 18+ countries that dot the Mediterranean coastline. It is easy to get confused.

Mediterranean FoodWhy You Should Eat the Mediterranean Way

The basic Mediterranean Diet stresses on plant-based carbs such as whole grains, which also contain fiber to help regulate bowel movement, reduce bad cholesterol, and control blood sugar levels. Apart from natural carbs, the Mediterranean meal plan is based on lean protein such as beans, peas, legumes and egg whites. The primary source of fat in this diet is olive oil, which contains good cholesterol (HDL), and omega-3 fat, which counters the build-up of plaque in the arteries connected to the heart.

The Mediterranean Nutritionist helps you combine healthy fruits and vegetables, such as berries, walnuts, and almonds with super foods such as Chia seeds, Flax seeds, and oily seafood. But this is not all that this site is about.

Why Choose the Mediterranean Nutritionist

This site helps you steer clear of certain known fat-inducing foods such as full-fat dairy, sodium –based salts, and red meats. The meal plans given here are designed for specific goals such as a healthy heart, lowering cholesterol, reducing fat, weight loss, tackling diabetes, and hypertension. Plus, all this is done perfectly naturally, organically, and without side effects. It allows you to consume red wine in moderation but does not recommend intake by those who do not consume alcohol at all.

Mediterranean Nutritionist Food PlanStaying Healthier with Mediterranean Nutritionist Meal Plans and Foods

The Mediterranean Nutritionist does not ask you to restrict the portions of meals that you are to consume. Nor does it attempt to defeat your taste buds. A complete choice of over 60 different recipes are advised for better health and greater longevity are available, carefully curated to give you very precise results, taking care of special medical conditions, and the most common food allergies that the American population is likely to suffer from.

Mediterranean Breakfast Plan

Oatmeal with cinnamon, raisins and slivered almonds/flaxseeds, Cantaloupe

Mediterranean Snack

Green tea and dark chocolate – known for their benefits to heart health

Mediterranean Lunch Plan

Whole wheat pizza with arugula, eggplant and caramelized onions

Mediterranean Dinner Plan

Spinach salad with orange slices and olive oil vinaigrette, Steamed Red Snapper with Black Bean Sauce, Peapods with almonds, Brown rice

Does this sound delicious?

The Mediterranean way is more than a collection of anecdotes and food recommendations. It is a calling to a lifestyle of naturally delicious meals, mild exercise and a stress-free attitude. Come and partake of this celebration of the bounties of nature, live happier and live longer! Explore the Mediterranean Nutritionist for complete and fulfilling Mediterranean meal plans, authoritative product recommendations, professional nutritionist advice, diet charts, mouthwatering recipes, and more.